The BG Case

Mr BG, an inmate at Parklea Correctional Centre, has filed several complaints against Parklea for denying, hindering and impeding his right as an inmate to access to justice.

Firstly, Mr G was denied legal services of legal resources for his upcoming criminal and civil proceedings. He was not allowed to forward legal documents to his legal adviser by the Corrective Service NSW due to the fact that it is not within the scope of Parklea to provide assistance for civil proceedings.

Secondly, the “networked” computers that are provided within the prison have constant connectivity issue for the past year. This hinders or impedes Mr G’s access to justice, as it is part of the policy that inmates have access to networked computers for legal purposes. For example, the limited access to the Legal Info Portal. 

Lastly, Parklea is not providing a library with adequate materials to inmates in order to meet their legal needs. 

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