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Turkish Conference on Technology in Corrections

Hosted by the International Corrections & Prisons Association (ICPA)April 21-23, 2024 LATEST NEWS 2024 Conference Media ReleasePrison Insider TürkiyeMore on Turkey OVERVIEW  Technology in Prisons The International Corrections & Prisons Association (ICPA) organised a conference on ‘Digital Rehabilitation’ in Istanbul from April 21-24, 2024, together with Europris and hosted by Turkey’s Directorate of Prisons. The Community […]

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Youth Justice Access to Computers in Cells

5th Australasian Youth Justice ConferenceStrengthening Connections: The Power of Relationships & Strong Service PartnershipsApril 16, 2024 Read the full report on the Youth Justice Conference here. Nowhere in Australia have youth justice authorities given children access to communication or information while they are isolated in cells. Youth are digital natives but they spend over 14

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Prisoners’ Original Letters

Latest NewsTechnical Response/not destroy mail May 2024Geneva Convention Right to Original letter – March 2024Inspector Criticises Practice – November 2023Minister Questioned about Letters 8/11/23Parliamentary Questions to Minister 01/03/24 OverviewPrisoners have received original letters from their loved ones since the establishment of Australia as a penal colony in 1788. However, the Crimes (Administration of Sentences) Amendment

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Nairobi Declaration for Detainee Telecommunication Rights

Download  To endorse visit: https://nairobideclaration.org/endorse/  9th International Cure Conference: 1-5 May 2023 PREAMBLE Millions of people around the world are locked in cages, unnecessarily isolated from their communities. Their contact with their families, and access to legal, health, rehabilitation and educational services are restricted due to physical barriers. In the past, those barriers have made

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Tackling Forced Medication

Purpose This document provides advice on how to successfully tackle forced medication – Community Treatment Orders (CTO’s) so that you can retake personal control of your life. This practice should be stopped so individuals can personally shape the plan they need to recover balance in their lives.  The material below is based on the experience of

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Music in Prisons

Music in Prisons Paper  This paper discusses the benefits that music programs have on the wellness of prisoners. These programs give inmates a chance to show persistence, creativity and flexibility. These are all values that are consistent with stability for inside and outside of prison. Innovative thinking is required to lower the prison population and

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Prison Privatisation

Latest News NSW private prisons return to public sectorMedia Release: New Grafton Prison Opening (Clarence Corrections Centre)Media Release: Private Prison Serco takeover: Royal Commission callJunee Prison DeathGrafton Private PrisonThe Failure of Private Prisons in the US – August 2016Social Impact Bonds Critique 2016 Overview Privatisation refers to the transfer of ownership and management of prisons from

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