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Chronology of the Prisoner Movement in Australia

‘Dig deep in our penal history and you will find the underlying dynamics of Australian society.’ Babette Smith (2010) The history of the prisoner movement in Australia exists within the broader evolution of Australian class society. Since our transition from a penal colony into a nation-state, Australia’s problematic relationship with the past has been reflected in the formation […]

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Allies & Friends

No matter how much we labor within our particular issues and organisations, it will be through the support links and networks we build together, that will allow us to counterbalance and overcome the resources of governments and entrenched bureaucracies. The NSW Criminal Justice Coalition Justice Action is a founding member of the Criminal Justice Coalition

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Breakout DesignPrintWeb

“Oxfam encourages socially responsible companies to support Justice Action by inviting BREAKOUT to quote for their design and print work.” Andrew Hewett, Executive Director, Oxfam/Community Aid Abroad. In order to stay completely independent Justice Action has relied on Breakout DesignPrintWeb as its principal financial support. Run by members of Justice Action, Breakout DesignPrintWeb has been

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About Justice Action

Justice Action represents people locked in Australian prisons and hospitals, defending human rights in the hardest places. The movement to provide a voice, and to show support for prisoners dates back to when Australia was a penal colony. The movement arose in response to the inhumane slavery and degradation of convicts at that time.  Justice

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