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MHRT Hearing 4th September, 2014


Saeed Dezfouli is a forensic patient who has been in detention since 19 January 2002 and could be held indefinitely despite doing an act normally punished with a short sentence. During this time, his rights have constantly been abused, he has been forcibly medicated and is under the Health Department’s total control. 

He is still being held in the highest security facilities, despite being a non-violent person who never intended the harm he caused. Saeed’s battle represents the universal struggle of mental health patients against the state’s attacks on their personal integrity. It concerns the right to not be assaulted, the right to education, and the right to person-centred health care – all of which are breached in Saeed’s case. The State’s callous indifference and abuse of mental patients rather than fulfilling their duty of care is the worst expression of community responsibility in a system costing over $200,000 a person a year.

Saeed brought proceedings in the Supreme Court, regarding a review of his treatment, back in February 2010. He sought the following orders:

–     That the forensic hospital cease forcibly medicating him against his will;
–     That he be given access to a computer donated to the hospital by the students of the University of NSW for educational purposes
–     To cease psychiatric treatment from his then-current psychiatrist to be replaced with treatment from a psychiatrist of his choice.

To this day, despite our support, Saeed has not been able to achieve any of those aims even though they are basic to publicly stated person-centered health care.

Force and the abuse of power over vulnerable people is central to the mental health culture, and the medicalisation of social problems is basic to it. Tribunal support for a consumer worker allocation and computer access has been ignored by the hospital.

He has appealed to the Supreme Court three times to force assistance from the Mental Health Review Tribunal. Justice Action incurred a $60,000 court costs order with an arrest warrant and garnishee order issued until it was withdrawn in February 2015.

Justice Action stands beside Saeed as a focus person and his primary carer in this battle for human rights. 

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Major Issues

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