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Damien Linnane

Damien Linnane was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. Prior to going to prison he spent five years in the Australian Army as a Combat Medical Attendant and also completed a degree majoring in psychology at the University of New England. At the age of 29, Linnane was sentenced to ten months imprisonment for a series of crimes, including the firebombing of a home, with the sentencing magistrate finding his motivation was “vigilante action”. A member of his family had been sexually assaulted, and he aimed to get retribution against her attacker.

While in prison, Linnane wrote a crime thriller novel, Scarred, which is due to be published in late 2019. One of the other activities that got him through his sentence was self-taught art therapy. Linnane now runs a business, Vigilante Studios, doing photo-realistic portraits by commission. He has been interviewed about his experiences in prison by ABC NewsABC Radio Melbourne and Network 10. He is also a paid contributor to the Network 10 website 10 daily, where he writes about the prison system.




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