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Success of Mental Health Tribunal Hearing: December 2018
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Justice Health Failure: June 2018
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Victory – Tribunal in Favour: July 2016


Malcolm Baker was sentenced to natural life imprisonment in 1993 for the murder of 6 people including his own son, in the space of 50 minutes, after discovering his partner with another man. He gave himself up and pleaded guilty. He has been incarcerated for 24 years, 15 of which have been served in effective solitary confinement in the High Risk Management Unit in Goulburn Correctional Centre, although he has been a model prisoner. No-one will explain why he was held there under those conditions, but police were related to victims. People who meet Malcolm appreciate him as a person, with friendly eyes and a gentle manner. He has nine children and other family who love him.

A comprehensive overview of Malcolm’s background, offences, court proceedings and convictions can be found here.

2015: Under Attack Again’ April 2015

After 23 years of non-violence Malcolm Baker is once again under attack. Having been moved to Long Bay Hospital Prison in February 2015, Malcolm is subjected to conditions tantamount to torture, including forced medication without justification. He is rendered semi-comatose with other severe side effects. See open letter to psychiatrist Dr Simonelli and letter to Tribunal by Malcolm 30/7/2012.

See Media release April 30, 2015

2014: Malcolm was moved from Goulburn to the South Coast Correctional Facility in Nowra, where he demonstrated an ability to successfully socialise into the general prison population. However, in February 2015, Malcolm was given an unfair focus and was moved to Long Bay Prison Hospital to be forcibly given mental health treatment despite inadequate justification.

2012: Malcolm was issued a Community Treatment Order (CTO) by the Mental Health Tribunal legally enforcing him to take medication. This CTO expired on the 7th of August 2012. However, both Malcolm and Justice Action were not notified that his CTO had been discontinued until February 2014 and consequently, Malcolm continued to take and suffer from unnecessary medication without any notice from Justice Health. Moreover, Malcolm continued to be held in an A1 High Risk Security Prison even though he no longer required a CTO and had been acknowledged as displaying calm and cooperative behaviour by health and prison records.

Forced Medication
Community Treatment Orders

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