Kerry O’Malley – Forced Medication and Community Treatment Orders

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The degrading treatment imposed on this gracious 73 year old woman Kerry O’Malley highlights all that is wrong with the mental health system. Over the last 47 years she has been arrested, abandoned to draconian control in a locked hospital and her rights to individual autonomy dismissed.

She has been subjected many times to Community Treatment Orders (CTOs) and forcibly medicated with severe physical and social side effects. Only her sister Margaret and her church have stood beside her. Psychiatrist Dr Yola Lucire defended her against the forced medication despite the weight of the industry norms. Legal aid by the Mental Health Advocacy Service is thoroughly discredited as part of the system.

Kerry is only one of five thousand people in NSW currently having medication enforced under a CTO, being brutalised and degraded by the health system.  Many of those people may well have issues and trauma to resolve but are victims further victimised by the system – not dangerous to themselves or others. For themforced injection is the health system’s standard expression of “care”. Meet Kerry here.She presented to the NSW Inquiry on Health on October 31, 2017.

Victory at the Mental Health Review Tribunal 17/10/17
Kerry O’Malley will not be placed on another CTO. This is an important win not just for Kerry, but also for other mental health patients who feel they are silenced under the control of the mental health system. Kerry will move forward with continual support of her friends, her family and the Justice Action team. Media releaseMedia release download.

Kerry O’Malley – Chemical Restraint in Practice 22/8/17
Kerry O’Malley is back on the CTO despite never having demonstrated threatening behaviour towards herself or any other member of the public. See the full report of the August 22 Mental Health Review Tribunal Hearing for more information on the arguments adopted by Justice Action and the appalling decision of the Mental health Tribunal. 

Triumph at the Tribunal 27/05/15
Kerry O’Malley is a 71-year old woman who has been subjected multiple times to Community Treatment Orders (CTOs). In May 2015, Kerry, working with Justice Action, was successful in having the CTO removed by the Mental Health Review Tribunal. Read the full article here.

Download media release here.

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