Justice Health Rip Off Mentally Ill

Media release Friday 7th December 2018

“Justice Health is attempting to rip off mentally ill patients in the Long Bay Forensic Hospital by taking their pensions. They are the most vulnerable members of society and receive the Disability Support Pension. This allows them to pull their lives together and build their future. The ALP and Greens have defended their pension federally in April last year, yet Justice Health has now made a grab for it” (see analysis )

“On 20/11/2018, Justice Health took legal action by suing the patients for fees from their pension to be involuntarily locked up in the hospital and be forcibly injected. This is despite it being well funded by the State and Federal Governments to take care of these patients,” 

“These vulnerable patients, including Saeed Dezfouli who has been locked up at the Long Bay Hospital for almost 17 years, have 28 days to respond to the statement of claims of Justice Health otherwise they lose their case by default (see claim ).

“Dezfouli was sent a notice by McCabe Curwood, Justice Health’s solicitors, on 30th November 2018, asking him to pay $183,153, which increases by $60 per day. Justice Action asks for assistance with representation from the legal profession to defend them”.

“These mentally ill patients, unlike the prisoners in the NSW prisons, don’t have access to a law library and computers. Some of the patients have threatened that they will commence a dry hunger strike unless they are given a fair go to fight the case in court.

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