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Just Us Vol. 9 (2022) Access to Law Edition

Report of distribution into locked Mental Health areas nationally 24/09/19

Report of Mental Health authorities responses to distribution reports




Just Us is a newspaper for people in the prison and mental health systems in Australia and New Zealand designed to aid patients and prisoners in making informed decisions in state and federal elections. Just Us is the only newspaper in Australia that is distributed to prisons and locked hospitals, as well as to judges, magistrates and Members of Parliament in every jurisdiction in Australia. 

The history of the publication is one of successful struggle to ensure that those who are socially excluded can exercise their right to vote and be able to contribute to the creation and alteration of public policy. 

In order to be able to exercise this right, prisoners should be fully informed about parties, policy and the ramifications of election results.   Just Us informs prisoners and patients of their rights and eligibility to vote, while also providing statements on policy positions from all political parties. Various NGOs such as the Red Cross have also made contributions to the newsletter reminding voters of their right to participate in the democratic process. 

Framed was the predecessor of Just Us, with with 47 editions distributed nationally to libraries and individuals in prisons and locked hospitals.
The Framed archive is available upon request.

Constitutional standing of Just Us 

All Australian citizens have a constitutional right to engage in political communication not limited to election periods. 

Health Access – Locked Hospitals Victory

Consumers in locked hospital wards won the right to receive political communication.


Access to Law Edition

The 2022 edition of JUST US has been distributed to 40 000 people in prisons in 6 jurisdictions. In this edition, we explore the theme of ‘Access to Law,’ and discuss the right to obtain legal information and services.   



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