John Thornton

In 1969, John Thornton, age 22, was sentenced to 14 years in prison on armed hold-ups of two banks. Following his incarceration, Thornton released a book concerned with the abuse of authority within the police force, crimes committed by the Government and conspiracies within the judiciary.

Thornton frames this book as an exposé on the deficits within the justice system that constantly thwart basic human rights and prisoner rights.

Justice Action conducted an interview to discuss the interactions Mr. Thornton has had with the justice system. To view, Click Here. 

John’s thoughts on what happened whilst waiting for his reserved decision

In the following recount, Thornton reflects upon the abuse he suffered at the hands of police personnel that culminated in unjustified charges of drug supply and resistance to arrest.

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John’s Thoughts during his Court Cases

In the following recount, John explains the emotional turmoil and frustration he felt during his court cases with an acute focus on the stigmatisation of convicted, wrongly or not, individuals by the general public and reporters.

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John Thornton on his work

The publication of the “Above The Law” tells a nonfiction story that belongs in Australian history! The book starts with a warning and ends with the evidence. I took on a one-man war that began with The Nagle Royal Commission into the torture system at the Grafton goal trac section. This war drove thousands of prisoners insane who upon their release committed crime such as murder. Names such as Johnny Steward, Jimmy Finch, Archie McCavity, Jimmy Thornton and Neddy Smith.

Right now I find myself in another one-man war with the Justice System! After being assaulted, bashed and kicked by four police officers and first taken to Maitland Hospital where I complained “I’m not the accused here, I’m the victim. I have been bashed and kicked by police!” I had 28 broken bones and went into a coma for months on life support. I had doctors telling my family that I was gone and they asked on two occasions“Turn off the life support, his body functions are gone!” Waking up to a nightmare, false evidence! False charges! Conspiracy! Cover Up! In leg irons.

I invite everybody to share my story and show support on my Facebook page by liking my page and sending a friend request. Follow the links to buy the “Above the Law” book which is available in paperback and on eBook and support me in my present fight for justice to keep up to date on the progression of my case and prove “I am the victim!” I have already proved my innocence!

Barrister and my friend Terry Healy said to me “I am 75 years old I have been offered jobs on the bench and the reason I didn’t take up the bench is because I know I would have to decide on cases such as yours and be forced to decide the wrong way! I’m not going to let them get away with this!”  

Don’t you!

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