Intensive Correction Orders

Intensive Corrections Orders (ICOs) exist as an effective alternative sentencing model that can work to address the growing issue of prison overcrowding in New South Wales. As a community based approach, ICOs allow offenders to serve their sentence within a community setting in an environment that fosters rehabilitation, working to improve recidivism rates while reducing the overall cost to government.

The ICOs may be subject to conditions including: requiring the offender to reside only at supervisory approved premises, subject to urine analysis, curfews and a minimum of 32 hours per month of community service.

This report will examine the implementation of ICOs both within Australia and overseas, and the mechanisms of and approaches towards their implementation. Although not active in every state, ICOs have been in use in Australia for a number years and relevant data has now been made available that demonstrates their effectiveness in achieving rehabilitative sentencing outcomes, reducing rates of recidivism, and in allowing for a huge reduction in imprisonment costs.

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