Justice Action Fundraiser

The COVID-19 pandemic is spreading rapidly, now infecting prisoners who are sitting ducks and many likely to die. This campaign is to fight for their right to be healthy, safe and in contact with their families and positive services while locked down.

To help with this campaign, Justice Action have launched a GoFundMe Campaign

Justice Action has launched a Supreme Court challenge to order the Corrective Services Commissioner to:
  • Use prisoner early release powers to enable social distancing
  • Ensure prison cells do not contain more than one person per four square metres
  • Expedite vaccinations and testing for all prisoners
  • Mandate vaccination and testing for prison staff
  • Mandate at least one hour per day whereby prisoners can leave their cells and have access to fresh air and exercise
  • Provide all prisoners with access to computer tablets
Prisoners are among the most vulnerable populations susceptible to COVID-19. They are living in confined spaces, unable to socially distance themselves, and are living with others who have already contracted the virus. Some have been denied access to masks and sanitiser, while many have been refused vaccines.
Prisoners also require access to computer tablets with internet and whitelisted websites for legal, rehabilitation, and education services, and for communication with family. This is vital during the COVID-19 outbreak as families of prisoners are entitled to the knowledge of prisoners’ health status.
Funds for much needed support of the campaign, supply of computer tablets and prisoner services on the tablets, and legal expertise, is vital to aid prisoners and their families during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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