Finland Developments 2023

RISE Smart Prisons Presentation

Finland is a lead example in the successful implementation of computers in cells. RISE, the Finnish Criminal Sanctions Agency, is an organisation at the forefront of this movement.

Recently, a Senior Specialist and Team Leader of the Safety, Security, and individual Coaching Team at RISE, Pia Puolakka, presented at the Future Justice and Corrections Summit hosted in Sydney to talk about their advancements in the field. She addressed the Smart Prison Concept, which hopes to increase and ease the use of digital services for inmates. 

Implemented in March 2021, the project placed a personal laptop-style cell terminal in each of Hämeenlinna’s prison cells. To prevent prisoners from becoming marginalised, the Smart Prison Concept trains inmates in digital skills and enables inmates to independently manage their daily affairs, rehabilitation plan, and communication with family members. The project also adopted an AI software for prisoners to learn digital and cognitive skills. This offers an alternative work environment for those who do not participate well in physical or group work. 

The actions set in place between 2021-2022 included the implementation of the Doris system. The Doris oversees the 100 personal cell devices. It features video calls, inmate e-mail, chats, and a noticeboard. However, it makes sure to restrict internet access with whitelisted websites.

The success of the project has interested both domestic and international organisations, including Justice Action.

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