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Media Release April 2020 Coronavirus Must Not Enter Prison
People in Prison still in COVID-19 Lockdown, Lindsay Pearce, University of Melbourne, 2022

1. Infection Control

The Guardian (25th Jan)-Emergency release powers in NSW prisons

2. Rights of an inmate/detained individuals

The Saturday Paper (Feb 19-25)- Prisoners suffering under punitive COVID-19 measures

The Saturday Paper (Feb 26-4 Mar)- No parole offered to NSW prisoners despite COVID-19 provision Petition for prisoner releases

Justice Action (4 June- 22 Mar)- COVID-19: Prisoner’s plea for release

Justice Action (21 Aug 2021)- Justice Action on ABC

Justice Action (20 Sep 2020) -The United States Establishes Powerful Precedent for Rates of COVID-19 in Prisons

3. Covid-19 Related Complaints

Justice Action (September 27 2021) – COVID-19 related complaints from NSW prisons

Justice Action (Sep 27 2021) Communication with Parklea Prison Governor

Justice Action (22 April 2020) – Open letter to Governments on COVID-19 


Primary Sources: 

1. Court Challenges

Justice Action – Justice Action outside the Supreme Court of NSW

Justice Action- Prisoner’s COVID-19 Court Challenge

2. Rights of an Inmate/detained individual

Justice Action (Aug 31 2021)- Media Release on COVID-19 Outbreak in Prisons 31 August 2021

Justice Action (Sep 22, 2021)-Supreme Court Action on behalf of Prisoners and Families

Justice Action (September 22 2021)- NSW Parliamentary Enquiry into Government’s COVID-19 management

Justice Action at Press Conference on Covid outbreak in NSW prisons 1 September 2021




Conditions in prisons are an ideal breeding ground for infection at the best of times. In a pandemic situation there is a need to act, and act fast. Continuing the current complacency that amounts to criminal negligence is a recipe for disaster.  

Legislation has been passed in various jurisdictions to deal with the pandemic and the Government’s own expert advice outlines the measures that must be taken immediately. Governments have been negligent in not following their own expert advice.

Families of prisoners are contacting Justice Action with horror stories of their loved ones not being able to receive appropriate care.

Unless attitudes change, avoidable deaths will become inevitable.


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