Computers In Cells Proposal

The ‘Computers in Cells’ proposal presents the need for a computer to be placed in every cell. This will make our communities safer and more inclusive.

Not only do computers promote self-improvement by encouraging education and vocational training, they also provide an effective tool to target recidivism. For individuals experiencing the prison system from the inside, a computer offers a means of communicating with family, dealing with boredom in a productive, safe manner and enabling access to crucial legal resources.

With the majority of prisoners spending around 18 hours a day in their cells, this issue needs to be addressed immediately so that their time can be used for personal development rather than wasted watching the ever present TV. The technology is almost identical but one is active rather than passive.

Security concerns are easily dealt with by filters such as the PrisonPC software used in the new A.C.T. prison. It blocks access to USB and optical media drives or any websites like Facebook unless the sites and specific pages have been approved by the prison. The benefits are shown by prisoners being released and not reoffending. The recidivist level of 20% in Norway where they have computers in their cells compares to over 40% in Australia.

For the latest download and full article including security gold standards link here.

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