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Torture considered

Is the incarceration of prisoners in itself a form of torture? It could be argued that while the State does have the legal right to deprive an individual of their liberty for wrongdoing, subject to meeting the requirements of the judicial process, it certainly does not have the right to ignore The Convention against Torture and

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Royal Commission Into Victoria’s Mental Health System

Latest News Victorian Legal Aid’s Response to Implementation Proposal  (August 2021) Justice Action’s Response to Implementation Proposal  (July 2021) Department of Health’s Implementation Proposal  (June 2021) Justice Action’s Analysis of the Royal Commission Report  (March 2021) The Royal Commission Final Report  (February 2021) Overview The Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System delivered its final report on 3 February, 2021.

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Prisoner Community Acknowledgement

As a social structure, communities serve to enhance responsibility by and for individuals and enable groups to live in harmony. Prisoners should not be excluded from the democratic processes inherent in society, as they too, are bound by shared experiences, mutual concerns and shared living areas. Their right to group representation is formally acknowledged in

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About Saeed

“Free Saeed Dezfouli” Campaign “I am a patient with patients’ rights, an inmate with inmates’ rights and a human being with human rights. These rights have been fundamentally and severely violated by unprofessional and sadistic state government employees in the positions of psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses and prison officers. They are required to go by the

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