Human Rights

Justice Action’s Submission to the ACT Legislative Assembly Regarding the Parliamentary Inquiry on the Decriminalisation of Drug Use

As a member of the Australian Capital Territory Council of Social Services (ACTCOSS), as well as an ‘essential’ presence at the NSW Drug Summit and International Conference on Penal Abolition (ICOPA) (1997), Justice Action support the decriminalisation of drug use in Australia. Australian drug laws are regressive, punitive and harbour a very strict approach as they are influenced by the ‘war on drugs’ mentality. Instead, legislative change must be implemented to enable the introduction of a Needle and Syringe Program (NSP) in the Alexander Maconochie Centre (AMC) in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) for those who wish to use it. This is to ensure the prevention of disease transmission within prisons, as well as to secure detainees’ rights to an equivalent healthcare system.


Human rights refer to the inherent rights and freedoms all human beings are entitled to.  The international framework for such values is encompassed by the United Nations, which has drafted vital documents setting out the standards for Government Action to ensure fundamental rights and freedoms are upheld.  The United Nations has identified that human rights …

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Latest News

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Ban Strip Search NSW Coalition – Protest on 19 November 2020

Justice Action had the opportunity to co-host a peaceful protest against strip searches in women’s prisons in front of the Silverwater Correctional Centre.  The demonstration was also co-hosted by Nelly’s Healing Centre, Indigenous Social Justice Association, Macquarie University Women’s Collective and Sydney Socialist Alliance. Without the support of these organisations the protest would not have …

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Strip Searching Women Prisoners

Latest News Sign this Petition to End Strip Searches Parliament Amends Law for Strip SearchesBan Strip Searches NSW Coalition – Protest (November 2020) State-Sanctioned Sexual Assault: The Rally to Ban Strip Searches at Silverwater GaolAustralia: Strip Searching Women is Routine in Australian Prisons (November 2020)Police Had ‘No Idea’ About Strip Search Laws, Watchdog Finds (May …

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Stop the Strip Searches in Women’s Prisons Protest!

This coming Thursday (19th November 2020) at 1pm, a protest will be held outside of Silverwater Correctional Centre, Wayne Smith Drive to protest the use of strip-searching of women in prisons.  Strip searches are a serious breach of human rights and undermine Australia ratification of OPCAT. The recent ‘Inspection of Mary Wade Correctional Centre’ states …

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Right to Vote

Although detained, people in prisons and locked hospitals are still citizens who are affected by government policy and do have the right to elect those who govern them. Prisoners and mental health consumers have family and friends on the outside and when they complete their sentence, they will join the world outside and be affected …

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