Access to Justice

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Educational opportunities for prisoners

Access to education is now available for prisoners regardless of where they are, or their previous educational experience. University courses and programs are now accessible without the need for internet or any prison administration involvement. Such educational opportunities are being offered to prisoners due to a gap caused by COVID-19 and a lack of international …

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Justice Reinvestment

Justice Reinvestment is a proposed strategy that places an emphasis on preventative remedies by providing local communities with the resources they need to address the underlying causes of crime in their area. Evidence has shown that the most effective programs for reducing recidivism and providing a better life outcome for offenders are those administered by …

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The BG Case

Mr BG, an inmate at Parklea Correctional Centre, has filed several complaints against Parklea for denying, hindering and impeding his right as an inmate to access to justice. Firstly, Mr G was denied legal services of legal resources for his upcoming criminal and civil proceedings. He was not allowed to forward legal documents to his …

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The Tony Liristis Case

Tony Liristis Mr Liristis sought orders that his solicitors supply him with a laptop while in custody in order to prepare to defend himself against current matters before the District Court. However, concerns surrounding prisoners having access to the Internet or charging their mobile phones have prevented him from having access to this technology. Peter …

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Robin Smith

Mr Smith was denied access to his own court transcript due to copyright concerns raised by Smith’s solicitor. This has restricted Mr Smith’s ability to make informed decisions in regards to his impending appeal. Mr Smith’s solicitor has informed Justice Action that Mr Smith is allowed a hard copy of the transcript, however, only after the appeal. …

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