Michael Riley

LATEST NEWS ON MICHAEL’S CASE Appalling Outcome Report: Rehospitalised – 16th November 2016 OVERVIEW Michael Riley is a warm, bright, gentle giant in his late 30’s. He is currently employed at a union and is the loving father of a four-and-a-half year old daughter who starts school this year. While Michael lives, works and is

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Kerry O’Malley – Forced Medication and Community Treatment Orders

Latest News Kerry O’Malley wins National Mental Health Award!Forced Medication Rejection ReportNegotiations With Key Decision Makers Regarding Their Policy StatementsMental Health Lobbying Report 09/12/2020Victory Against Forced Injection July 13, 2020Kerry’s Case Goes Before the Supreme CourtMad in America: Kerry’s Case Gets International Recognition Mental Tribunal Threatens Imprisonment for Using NameKerry Tells Her StoryKerry Appeals Supreme

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Malcolm Baker

LATEST NEWS Success of Mental Health Tribunal Hearing: December 2018Analysis of Malcolm Baker’s diagnosis and decision: September 2018Victory! Malcolm’s Forced Medication Stopped: August 2018Justice Health Failure: June 2018Forced Medication for Management Purpose: April 2018Latest Summary on Malcolm Baker Tribunal HearingMalcolm Baker Forcibly Injected Again: January 2018Report on Medical Watchdogs’ Failure: October 2016Request to Return to

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Saeed Dezfouli

LATEST NEWS Saeed’s Powder Case Ends March 2, 2020Media Release: Justice Health Rip Off Mentally Ill December 6th, 2018Iranian Embassy Concerned About Saeed August 7, 2018Tribunal Hearing Iranian Community Safety May 17, 2018Media Release: Saeed Refused Computer and Law Access May 16, 2018SBS: ‘Send Me Back to Iran’  Australia Blocks Mentally Ill Man’s Wish to go

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