Past Campaigns

Emu Plains Update 2/07

More Lies: Parliamentary Committee Hearing Findings At the General Purpose Standing Committee No. 3 (Justice, Juvenile Justice) meeting held on 17 November 2006, Greens MP Ms. Rhiannon raised the concern that the Minister of Justice’s representative Mr. McLean misled the 28 August 2006 inquiry. Mr. McLean essentially claimed that the inmates had requested the changes

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Emu Plains update 6/08

In March 2008, Justice Action received a letter from Mr. Barry Collier MP, assistant to the Attorney General and Minister for Justice, in which he responded to the ongoing, restrictive visitation system currently in place at Emu Plains Correctional Centre. Having been in regular contact with inmates, former inmates, and their families—those who are experiencing

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APEC Prisoner Declaration

September 8, 2007.JUSTICE ACTION representing convicts in the host Penal Colony of Australia, having regained their right to political expression returning the prisoner vote in the High Court of Australia, now exercise that right of political expression. “Torture is the APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) nations’ norm” said Justice Action spokesperson Brett Collins today. We prisoners

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Draft Detainee

Details of some current and past campaigns Below is a list of some leading current campaigns and underneath is a history of past campaign work. Details of some current campaigns 1. Youth Crime JA/Mission Australia Partnership JA is working with Mission Australia to conduct a series of mentoring workshops for many young people in the

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Kooris and the Legal System: Review of the Royal Commission Inquiry

An End of Decade View of the Royal Commission Recommendations into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody April 1991/April 2001  In late 1987 the Hawke Government finally relented and called for the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody. 124 deaths were presented to the Commissioners but they only investigated 99 which occurred between 1980 – 1989. Not

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