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How many deaths will it take? Crisis intervention needs urgent reform.

Media release: Tuesday September 19, 2023. Today another family is in mourning after NSW Police yet again responded to a traumatised person by resorting to lethal force. The victim was Krista Kach, a distressed 47-year-old woman. It has happened before. Krista Kach’s name is just the latest in a shameful and tragic litany that includes […]

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SA Prisoner Letter Ban

LATEST NEWSLetters from JA to Statewide Operations OVERVIEWSouth Australian Correctional Centres have continued to block external interactions from prisoners. Correctional service officers claim that cl 11(2) of the Correctional Service Regulations 2016 has the results that any and all communications between Justice Action and SA prisoners are prohibited. In addition, anyone sending communications to a

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Many people return to prison after having completed a sentence. They are released and then go on to reoffend. This represents a structural failure of the justice system to create law abiding citizens and a safer community. Imprisonment itself is identified as a cause of crime rather than a solution.  Justice Action has been working

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Organisational Structure

There is a deep relational chasm between incarcerated peoples in Australia and those who create the legislation that impacts them. In response, Justice Action seeks to be a voice for the people who have had theirs restricted. We ask the question: ‘Who are the people behind the statistics?’  To be as effective and comprehensive as

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Politicising Grief

David Elliott’s revocation of Garforth’s classification decision could be viewed as an act of political opportunism.  After Ms Simpson sparked public outrage about Garforth’s reclassification, Elliott made a number of statements; arguing that “this [the reclassification] is not what this government was elected for” and also that “it is essential that any reclassification of prisoners

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Southern Cross University Now Open to Prisoners

Latest News Southern Cross University Now Open to Prisoners Southern Cross University (SCU) is now providing higher education courses that can be completed by incarcerated individuals around Australia. SCU will provide learning materials online or through hard copy course guides for those with limited or no access to the internet. In line with the recent

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