Recommendations to Forensic Procedure Act

Recommendations to NSW Legislative Council Inquiry into the Crimes (Forensic Procedures) Act 2000

Justice Action hopes that the committee will recommend:

• The immediate repeal of the Crimes (Forensic Procedures) Act

• An immediate halt to the forensic testing of prisoners and true destruction of data and samples taken so far

• An immediate halt to the databasing of profiles and passing on of data to other jurisdictions (e.g. CrimTrac)

• The formation of a consultative committee with representation from key stakeholders (including non-government) and academics in relevant fields. Its task would be to facilitate the development of a Best Practice Model of forensic DNA laws (and perhaps genetic privacy in general) and make appropriate recommendations regarding oversight bodies, lab & database resourcing etc by consulting with reps of wider stakeholders and the community in general

• That an oversight and monitoring body be formed to audit, evaluate and accredit those likely to be recognised as forensic expert witnesses in NSW courts. It should be able to make non-binding recommendations with regard to what areas of expertise should be legally recognised in certain individuals, standards for presenting & admitting forensic evidence and counseling or retraining for forensic experts who give confusing or misleading evidence.


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