Mental health prisoners

Mental Health Act/Forensic provisions government review current NSW 3/07

Generally speaking, forensic prisoners exist in a sort of limbo between 'involuntary patient' and 'convicted prisoner' that in practice often results in them getting the worst of both worlds.

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Offer of Hope

small_yth.jpgThis prisoner initiative was made to governments to help break the cycle of destructive vengeance in our prisons. It was launched on International Human Rights Day 10 December 2005

Prisoners in the dungeons of the HRMU segregation unit Goulburn Prison, Australia prepared the statement that formed this offer. It has been presented to governments without response. It requires them to recognise the humanity of those they torture.

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Xmas Day Prison Visits

"They’ve killed Santa and the Easter bunny.  Lucky they can’t get at God"  Those words on a prisoner's card perfectly express the vindictiveness of the system. Media release

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Youth crime analysis

Current stage 2008-9

Young people are our future, so when they turn down the path of deviancy it is our responsibility to pick them up and get them on the right track. If we invest in the interests of our children it will make our communities brighter places in times to come.

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Save The Inspector General

The Department of Corrective Services is unique in that it is the only Department in which the government has total control over its citizens.

This requires extra care to ensure that the extraordinary powers are not abused. It is necessary for there to be correspondingly extraordinary accountability, safeguards and specialist knowledge. The trend in other states is to maintain an office of Inspector General.

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"The abolition of the Office of the Inspector General of Prisons:
Legal Briefing Paper" by UTS Community Law Centre. January 2005

HR Management Unit

The High Risk Management Unit
A request for an independent inspection team to examine the 75-cell HRMU at Goulburn Jail - to assess the nature and conditions in the unit and compare them to the social alternative. At the very least reassure the public that conditions in the HRMU are humane.



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Safe Cells

Safe cells are used for prisoners at risk of self-harm or suicide and are used to keep prisoners under constant visual observation. A CHS nurse described these as unfit for dogs. Justice Action has successfully lobbied for a review of these cells and has been involved in ongoing discussion with CHS about their use.

Miscarriages Of Justice

Background information
There is currently no regulated way by which persons in NSW - wrongly convicted but then exonerated - can obtain compensation. Where compensation has been paid it has been by way of ex gratia payment from the government, with very uneven results. The difficult alternative is to pursue a common law claim, and prove a case against the state. This is even rarer than ex gratia payments. Access by victims of miscarriages of justice to the Victims Compensation Tribunal appears to have not yet been tested.

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JA mental illness policy

Justice Action believes that there are serious failings in the way public policy addresses mental illness in our society

We believe the single greatest cause of distress and difficulty; to the greatest proportion of those living with mental illness, is the way our society responds to them.

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Press Release - Bring David Home!

Press release***Press release***Press release

Friday 19 January 2007

Supporters and campaigners for the repatriation of David Hicks demand that the Australian Parliament seeks David‚s immediate release and repatriation, and to reject the kangaroo court set up by the Pentagon which could see another 2-3 years of challenges in US courts.

Bring David Home campaigners are calling for a Canberra Convergence on the opening of Parliament on Tuesday 6 February at 11am on parliament lawns.

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Redeveloping the Penal Colony




As Australians, we pride ourselves on upholding the qualities of freedom, egalitarianism, tolerance and mutual respect. So where in history lie the origins of our cherished ideal of the ‘Australian way of life’?

If we properly understood our penal history as a triumph of social inclusion, it would be evident that our battle cry for a ‘fair go’ was instigated in the equal treatment of all settlers, including convicts. Babette Smith, historian and journalist, reveals that the foundation of Australia’s egalitarian spirit lies in our penal history.

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Prisoners Legal Service Review

Justice Action was asked to respond to the Federal Government's Prisoners Legal Service Review. The following is the JA Submission


Thank you for giving Justice Action the opportunity to make submissions in relation to the current review of the Prisoners Legal Service.

We offer the following comments and recommendations and would genuinely like the opportunity to make a further submission directed more at the present effectiveness of the PLS. In order for us to do that we ask that we be provided with a current overview of the present PLS workings including any specific annual/monthly reports.

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