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Saeed Dezfouli Appeals to the Supreme Court

Saeed Dezfouli is a mental health patient not given the right to publish his own name.

Recently, under s162 of the Mental Health Act 2007 (NSW), he requested that the Mental Health Review Tribunal grant him consent to use his name freely for publication, so that he might campaign for his release and bring to light issues of corruption within the mental health system.  The denial of his request would be detrimental to both his own mental health as well as his cause of protecting mental health patients from abuse in the mental health system.

Mr Dezfouli’s application requires the consent of the Tribunal prior to the publication or broadcasting of a person’s name whose matter is before the Tribunal.  It was struck out for one principle reason: lack of information on what would be contained in the publication.

Mr Dezfouli is currently appealing the Tribunal’s decision in the Supreme Court on the basis that this was an error of law and outside the powers conferred on it under the Act.

Today, February 18th, in the Supreme Court, Mr Dezfouli was given consent to amend the summons which will be used to begin the appeal. The matter was adjourned till March 25th to allow time for the Crown Solicitor representing the Attorney General’s office to review the amended summons. The case continues.


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