What about Sal Review?

What About Sal? is an Aussie charmer: a film about choices, empowerment, love and belonging.  It is whimsical and heartfelt, both real and aspirational. Contemporary issues are faced head on, focussed on the right to choose how to live – even when burdened with a disability. Essentially, this is a feel good movie, taking us […]

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Turkish Conference on Technology in Corrections

Hosted by the International Corrections & Prisons Association (ICPA)April 21-23, 2024 LATEST NEWS 2024 Conference Media ReleasePrison Insider TürkiyeMore on Turkey OVERVIEW  Technology in Prisons The International Corrections & Prisons Association (ICPA) organised a conference on ‘Digital Rehabilitation’ in Istanbul from April 21-24, 2024, together with Europris and hosted by Turkey’s Directorate of Prisons. The Community

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Prisoners’ Original Letters

Latest NewsTechnical Response/not destroy mail May 2024Geneva Convention Right to Original letter – March 2024Inspector Criticises Practice – November 2023Minister Questioned about Letters 8/11/23Parliamentary Questions to Minister 01/03/24 OverviewPrisoners have received original letters from their loved ones since the establishment of Australia as a penal colony in 1788. However, the Crimes (Administration of Sentences) Amendment

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Effects of Imprisonment on Palestinian Prisoners

By John MacDonaldUpdated April 16, 2024 HEALTH OF PRISONERS WORLDWIDE:The following text draws on published documents and research. It also includes personal comments by myself, Professor John Macdonald, based on my experiences, having taught in Palestine (and sometimes visited Gaza) almost every year since 1994, as well as my experience at Western Sydney University where

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Latest News HEBRON, a Palestinian city or a prison? Marwan Barghouti, Palestinian PrisonerEffects of Imprisonment on Palestinian Prisoners Palestinian Prisoners Written by Emeritus Professor (WSU) John Macdonald, on the Board of Justice Action and for over 20 years a contributor to the Institute of Community Health of Birzeit University in Palestine..part author of  a report for

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How many deaths will it take? Crisis intervention needs urgent reform.

Media release: Tuesday September 19, 2023. Today another family is in mourning after NSW Police yet again responded to a traumatised person by resorting to lethal force. The victim was Krista Kach, a distressed 47-year-old woman. It has happened before. Krista Kach’s name is just the latest in a shameful and tragic litany that includes

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