APEC Prisoner Declaration

September 8, 2007.
JUSTICE ACTION representing convicts in the host Penal Colony of Australia, having regained their right to political expression returning the prisoner vote in the High Court of Australia, now exercise that right of political expression.

“Torture is the APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) nations’ norm” said Justice Action spokesperson Brett Collins today. We prisoners of the APEC nations condemn those governments for…

– Selling our organs before you have executed us – Holding us from thirteen years old for the rest of our natural lives for the act of a moment – Holding us for decades in solitary without hope, away from our families – Putting us in boxes in boxes behind walls without the wind or the sky – Making us fearful of our lives while you break the same laws and conventions by which you judge us – Making us sick by neglect, and not caring – Convicting us for choosing to enjoy different substances than you – Not forgiving us our sins for the rest of our lives although we have paid the agreed penalty – Making others fearful of us without reason – Blocking our education although computers are offered

We call on those people of justice and goodwill to observe the OFFER OF HOPE – the Monday Midday Minute of Silence for the prisoners of the APEC nations.

We call on the APEC governments, both individually and collectively to listen and respond for the good of our civilisation.

ICOPA X11 in London, July 08 will have no walls, snipers, thugs, helicopters or water cannon.

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