Access to Services

Individuals incarcerated within Australian correctional facilities often experience various physical and mental health issues. These issues can be exacerbated by the stress of incarceration. Prisoners must have access to services that will ensure they are able to improve and maintain their physical and mental wellbeing. These services can include, but are not limited to, mental health services, addiction rehabilitation services and Aboriginal support services. 

A 20 year old campaign we have been running is ‘Cells in Computers Initiative’ that presents the need for a computer to be placed in every cell. This will make our communities safer and more inclusive. Not only do computers promote self-improvement by encouraging education and vocational training, they also provide an effective tool to target recidivism. For individuals experiencing the prison system from the inside, a computer offers a means of communicating with family, dealing with boredom in a productive, safe manner and enabling access to crucial legal resources, especially considering the majority of prisoners spend around 18 hours a day in their cells.

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