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Informing Voters Inside – JUST US
The NSW Election 2015 JUST US Vol. 6 publication has been distributed to prisons and hospitals ensuring those inside are informed voters. Included are statements by the major parties on criminal justice and mental health and an article by Corrective Services. Download

JUST US is a publication by Justice Action that aims to give voice and strength to people in prisons and hospitals. This current edition focuses on the NSW state election in order to help those make an informed decision when they exercise their right to vote on March 28, 2015. It highlights the need to ensure that prisoners and mental health patients are placed on equal footing with every other Australian voting in the election. For the first time, material for the publication has been supplied directly by Corrective Services. This includes a number of “Fast Facts” about how friends and family can deposit money into an inmate’s account. media release download

The issue includes a concise comparative table addressing “How the political parties stack up” in areas of particular significance to inmates and patients, namely The Bail Act, Mandatory Sentencing and Mental Health. Short statements from political parties outlining their position on a number of issues have also been included for prisoners and mental health patients to consider.

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