ICOPA X - Nigeria 2002

Program, papers and documentation from Nigeria - ICOPA X 2002

ICOPA Documentation
Programs and Papers
Program and papers from Nigeria - ICOPA X
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Individual Papers:
AFSC - American Friends Service Committee
- "New Justice Paradigm"
Odette Luce Bouvier
- "Alternative to Imprisonment: What Lessons from Africa"
Jim Consedine
"Of Information and Culture. Pathways to Prison Abolition: Reflecting on the New Zealand Experience"
Jane Hemeson & Chukumma Me
"Socio-Economic Implications of Penal System in Nigeria"
Optimistic Oso
- "Another Face of Slavery"
Hal Pepinsky
- "The Journey of ICOPA Through the Years"
Hal Pepinsky
- "Teaching Peacemaking in a War making Climate"
Hal Pepinsky
- "Capital Punishment"
TiyoAttallah Salah-El
- "A Call for the Abolition of Prisons"
Viviane saleh-Hanna
-- "Prisoners Support and Literacy Program: 'The Circle'" 
Viviane saleh-Hanna
- "Viewing African Indigenous Justice System from a Restorative and Transformative Paradigm"


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