Drugs & Prisoner Health

The New South Wales Corrections Health Service (CHS) estimates that about 80% of prisoners have been imprisoned for offences related to legal or illegal drug use or committed whilst under their influence.

Drug Use in Prison
Justice Action raises concerns about improper medication and treatments…

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Beyond Bars 10

Intellectual disability & the criminal justice system

Beyond Bars - Fact Sheet 10
People with an intellectual disability are being drawn into the criminal justice system at an alarming rate. People with intellectual disability make up between 1 and 3% of the general population, but represent…

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Inside Story - Prison Health

Inside Story - Prison Health

I can speak from first hand experience about the lack of health care within the prison service, albeit from the perspective of the much over populated female estate.

The job of being a prison doctor is hard. Many inmates are drug users or self harmers. They pull fast ones to get legal…

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Sex & Health


The Laws of the Australian Government recognise that a person's capacity to access health services is not compromised by reason of imprisonment and that all people have a basic right to health. This recognition is evidenced in Australia's international treaty obligations.

There is little…

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