Past Campaigns

A Community Response

Prison Violence - A Community Response
Prepared by Josh Forrest

We propose an idea to counter violence within the prison setting. The aim is to create safer prison environments for the prisoners that will, in turn, make it safer for the prison staff.

Based upon the principles of civil society,…

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Life sentence

The Persecution of the Diagnosed

This is Aboriginal Land. This is Aboriginal Land. Indigenous Cultural Respect, Land Rights & Peace.
*Warning: Medical terms may cause offence! We’re not dissing you. Just talking about the situation.

“Whenever I go to jail, I get put in a strip cell in…

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Kooris and the Legal System

Review of the Royal Commission Inquiry

An End of Decade View of the Royal Commission Recommendations into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody. April 1991/April 2001.   

In late 1987 the Hawke Government finally relented and called for the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody. 124…

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