Youth crime analysis

Current stage 2008-9

Young people are our future, so when they turn down the path of deviancy it is our responsibility to pick them up and get them on the right track. If we invest in the interests of our children it will make our communities brighter places in times to come.

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Therapeutic Communities

Therapeutic communities with restorative justice and mentoring are effective
solutions to community problems. Our own experience of positive responses to
trust and sharing are entirely applicable in the area of crime. The Alexander
Maconochie’s Norfolk Island experience, Jimmy Boyle’s story of the…

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Right to Choose

Smoking rights for Mental Health Consumers
NSW Health has imposed a smoke free policy on mental health locked facilities, removing exemptions. The vulnerable patients are traumatised. Eighty percent smoke. We support their dignity and 'right to choose' - personally controlled since European…

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Prisoner Voting Rights_310807

Prisoner Voting Rights_310807

Voting Rights for Prisoners report 2/07

In Aug 2004 Federal Parliament restricted the right to vote in Federal elections to those serving sentences of three years or less.

Now the coalition has barred all prisoners from voting in federal elections with the introduction in late 2006 of the Electoral…

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Mental health prisoners

Mental Health Act/Forensic provisions government review current NSW 3/07

Generally speaking, forensic prisoners exist in a sort of limbo between 'involuntary patient' and 'convicted prisoner' that in practice often results in them getting the worst of both worlds.

Forensic prisoners

  • Are denied…

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JA mental illness policy

Justice Action believes that there are serious failings in the way public policy addresses mental illness in our society

We believe the single greatest cause of distress and difficulty; to the greatest proportion of those living with mental illness, is the way our society responds to them.


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Age of Responsibility

Youth and Juvenile Justice

"Children who came directly under the power of the state for their own protection (state wards)... are now the largest per capita group in our juvenile jails (and hence, our adult jails)."

Classification of Children Offenders
One of the most difficult areas of criminal…

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Inspector General

Save the Inspector General

The Department of Corrective Services is unique in that it is the only Department in which the government has total control over its citizens.

This requires extra care to ensure that the extraordinary powers are not abused. It is necessary for there to be correspondingly…

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Prisoners Legal Service Review

Justice Action was asked to respond to the Federal Government's Prisoners Legal Service Review. The following is the JA Submission


Thank you for giving Justice Action the opportunity to make submissions in relation to the current review of the Prisoners Legal Service.

We offer the…

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