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Held in Hobart, Tasmania. 7-11th of February 2006


The following were themes explored and expanded at the conference:

• The Politics of Imprisonment
Northern Ireland, Palestine and the Middle East, (Post) Colonial Justice Nigeria and West Africa, South Africa: ANC , Brazil, USA, Canada.
• Contemporary Forms of Penal Custom
• Post Carceral Resettlement Organising Inside: Prisoners' resistance and the Outside Community, Writing and Art as Resistance, Barriers to Reintegration, Surveillance, Organising in the Community - Exprisoners' Organisations, Convict Criminology.
• Action Now Proposals for the future.

ICOPA XI linked with the ANZSOC criminology conference over 7-9th of February 2006 in Tasmania. They held four plenary sessions around the theme of Human Rights:

• Prisoners and Human Rights • Refugees and Human Rights
• State Crime and Human Rights
• Terrorism, Racism and Human Rights

more information :

ICOPA XI - VAN DIEMAN'S LAND 2006! Tasmania is an ideal place to discuss punishment. It used to be called Van Dieman's Land, and was the place where most of the original convicts were sent from England from 1788 until the 1850's. It was the ultimate as a penal colony, was almost entirely a prison, and changed its name to avoid the historic shame. It had penal settlements where convicts were tortured - all well documented. And the convict responses are very special learning experiences, still valid today.

Robert Hughes "The Fatal Shore"
ISBN 0 099 45915 9
- well worth the read.


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