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Report of Meeting 20.1.14 MHRT and JUSTICE ACTION

We look to the issues raised by Dan Howard at the CJC forum “Bedlam...The Way Out” in Parliament House on 19/11/13 to give some direction to the agenda. We really wish to establish a working relationship that isn’t confrontational, but becomes trusting and constructive. As suggested orally at the CJC Forum, most of the issues we need to present publicly and in the courts could be the subject of discussion and negotiation. 

Our role as a change agent has been widely acknowledged and appreciated. We just need results for the benefit of our and the general community.

The Mental Health Review Tribunal, constituted under Ch. 6 of the Mental Health Act 2007 (NSW), has functions imposed on it by both its constituting Act and the Mental Health (Forensic Provisions) Act 1990 (NSW). Its jurisdiction covers the following:

  • Considering the disposition and release of persons acquitted of crimes by reason of mental illness;
  • Determining matters concerning persons found unfit to be tried and prisoners transferred to a mental health facility for treatment;
  • Reviewing the cases of detained patients (both civil and forensic), and long-term voluntary psychiatric patients;
  • Hearing appeals against an authorised medical officer’s refusal to discharge a patient;
  • Making, varying and revoking community treatment orders;
  • Determining applications for certain treatments and surgery;
  • and making orders for financial management where people are unable to manage their own financial affairs.

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The state’s assault on the mentally ill: The case of Michael Riley


Michael Riley is a gentle and well-educated man in his late 30s who has been taken against his will in and out of state mental health systems and forcibly medicated since August 2009. Since then, his rights have been constantly abused and the authorities treat him like a criminal despite proclaiming that he isn’t. Michael has no criminal record and has never harmed another person or himself in his life, yet he is being treated like he has supposedly breached the Mental Health Act. In his interview with Justice Action, Michael shares his experience at the hands of the mental health system and what should be done so that one’s rights are protected and such abuses of authority no longer occur.

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