Letter sent to Justice Health

Mr Forrest

Acting Chief Executive

Justice Health and Forensic Mental Network

Dear Mr Forrest,

The Justice Action Team is writing to draw attention to the case of Mr Malcolm George Baker min 221029 and what occurred.

The Tribunal rejected the application by Justice Health for an order to retain Mr Baker in the mental health facility at Long Bay as the Tribunal found no justification for holding him in the hospital and being forcibly medicated. It agreed that Mr Baker presents no risk of serious harm to himself or others. It heard that he needed a job and an interest with social support. He was accused of being delusional as he had alleged corruption between the pharmaceutical industry and the government and said that he was being prosecuted. This was the third time the Tribunal rejected his forced medication after our intervention. This indicates a serious cultural problem in our opinion.

We would like to schedule a meeting with Justice Health in response to the Mental Health Tribunal hearing on 14th July 2016 to examine the failures and look for future solutions so it does not reoccur to him and others.

After a similar hearing by the Tribunal on April 30 last year the Tribunal similarly refused to order his retention in the Long Bay hospital. But subsequently he was held in the mental health pod of the MRRC for 15 months, with a series of unstable people in transition around him. No job, education and no chance for settling down. It wasn’t fair to him as it was destabilising, especially as he has already suffered 15 years in solitary confinement. He wanted to be mainstreamed, do something useful, and create relationships as he should be entitled to after serving 24 years. We counselled him to be patient, speaking with him every few days, believing his return to Nowra to be imminent. Despite this destabilizing situation he behaved very well, not being accused of breaching any rules.

In light of the Tribunal’s third decision, we seek support from Justice Health NSW to assist Malcolm to returnas early as possible back to Nowra with a job and people around him with whom he can relate. We are in a mentoring relationship with him and are prepared to negotiate with him if a problem does arise. We feel a social response to any tensions that would be treated effective.

Justice Action Team would like to take this opportunity to cooperate with Justice Health in designing an amicable solution for the future. When would suit you for a meeting?

Please acknowledge upon receipt,

Kind regards,

Jessica Chal

Justice Action Team


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