Mental Health

Mental Health Crises

Mental Health Crises: Proposal for Intervention


A paper presented at CJC & ICJA’s ‘BEDLAM: A hypothetical journey through the Justice and Mental Health Systems’ Held on 29 September 2012

This leaflet highlights problem areas of the current Criminal Justice and…

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Hospital visit approved

Media Release Thursday September 29, 2011

Mental Health breakthrough – hospital visit approved
"In a breakthrough over two years in the making, Justice Action workers will visit patient Saeed Dezfouli in the Forensic Hospital Long Bay, at 9:30 this morning. This is the first time his friends have…

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Why community living has been accepted as the appropriate model


CONTENTS (click for pdf)

1. Introduction

2. History of Deinstitutionalisation

- International Origins

- History of Deinstitutionalisation in Australia

3. Models of Deinstitutionalisation

4. Public…

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Just Us

Just Us

The latest edition of JUST US – Vol 6, was prepared for all prisoners and patients in forensic hospitals in early March. The newspaper informs prisoners and patients of their rights and eligibility to vote, while also providing an overview of the law and order policy positions of the ALP,…

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About Saeed

About Saeed

“Free Saeed Dezfouli” Campaign


“I am a patient with patients’ rights, an inmate with inmates’ rights and a human being with human rights.

These rights have been fundamentally and severely violated by unprofessional and sadistic state government employees in the…

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