Right to Vote

Although detained, people in prisons and locked hospitals are still citizens who are affected by government policy and do have the right to elect those who govern them. Prisoners and mental health consumers have family and friends on the outside and when they complete their sentence, they will join…

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iExpress: Now launching prisoners & mental health patients online!

Justice Action is proud to introduce iExpress, the world’s first prisoner webpage and interactive email system aimed at empowering people in prisons and forensic hospitals and bringing them into the digitial world,…

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Hall of Shame

The Hall of Shame is a place where those in power are exposed for unethical and abhorrent behaviour. Transgressions are often concealed from the public eye as those in power abuse their position, often by preying upon the most vulnerable members of society.

In sacrificing their publicly stated…

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Computers In Cells Proposal

The ‘Computers in Cells’ proposal presents the need for a computer to be placed in every cell. This will make our communities safer and more inclusive.

Not only do computers promote self-improvement by encouraging education and vocational training, they also provide an effective tool to…

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Latest News - Saeed's Appeal

Just In!
Saeed Dezfouli Appeals to the Supreme Court

Saeed Dezfouli is a mental health patient not given the right to publish his own name.

Recently, under s162 of the Mental Health Act 2007 (NSW), he requested that the Mental Health Review Tribunal grant him consent to use his name freely for…

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Our Pick Report

Our Pick Report

Justice Action is proud of its work with mental health. The Our Pick Report is a report written by Justice Action concerning the state of mental health in Australia.


Justice Action decided to focus on the mental health area after it had become apparent that a new strategy was required to…

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Redeveloping the Penal Colony




As Australians, we pride ourselves on upholding the qualities of freedom, egalitarianism, tolerance and mutual respect. So where in history lie the origins of our cherished ideal of the ‘Australian way of life’?

If we…

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Xmas Day Prison Visits

"They’ve killed Santa and the Easter bunny.  Lucky they can’t get at God"  Those words on a prisoner's card perfectly express the vindictiveness of the system. Media release


Over 2,700 children and family members each…

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